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The Good People

A1. “These Times” (4:29)
A2. “Everything but me” feat. El da Sensei (3:39)
A3. ”Talk to me now” (4:00)
B1. “Brings back memories” (4:19)
B2. “Bathroom Break RMX” (4:34)
B3. “These Times” (instrumental)

Remember Hip Hop? Yeah I know, of course you do, you just heard it on the radio 5 minutes ago.
No, I mean do you remember "Hip Hop"? The feeling it gave you when you first heard it and fell in love with it.
The type that you haven't heard in a while....
The years of settling for what they play on the radio now is over!
The authentic Hip hop that you originally fell in love with is back!

It's the long awaited return and is brought to you by The Good People out of no other place that would be more fitting for such an occasion, New York. They said it couldn't be done. They said there wasn't a big enough fan base for soulful boom bap music with a message. They must have not asked the majority of people that heard "The Good People" on the radio and in lounges/clubs who had a huge smile on they're face while bobbing theyre head vigorously asking each other "Who's this?". Even fellow artists and Golden age Hip Hop Alumni had something to say about The Good People such as Mr. Man of the Bushbabees who says "This is the type of music I want to listen to nowadays, they need to have more of this" or MC Serch from 3rd Bass who said "Really enjoyed what I heard from The Good People. I wish that there was a lane besides the underground for music like that. Really good." Superb wordsmith and well known DJ Emskee teams up with highly respected super producer The Saint to bring you a perfect marriage of Hip hop, Soul, Funk and Intelligent lyricism that cannot be denied. As if this wasn't enough to quench the thirst of the true Hip hop Listener, The Good People did you a service by also having appearances by some of your favorite Emcees throughout the history of the game such as El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Mr. Man (Bushbabees), Kool Kim (UMC's), Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Cadence (Raw Produce), Dumi Right (Zimbabwe Legit) and Dr. Becket.

Listen and enjoy, you can thank them later.

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